• 2017

    Vintage Fortified

    Sixth-generation winemaker Chris Killeen started blending Portuguese varieties with Shiraz and Durif from the 1997 release.   The wine opens with a very floral nose and flavours of spice and dark fruit on the palate. Further complexity comes from the spirit, chosen especially for this style of wine. Fine tannins are balanced by the fruit sweetness and spirit. This blend of 34% Grand Noir, 33% Tinto Cão, 19% Tinta Barroca and 14% Durif also comes in 375ml and 1.5L. Enjoy young with a casserole or cheese platter, or cellar carefully for at least two decades.

    Alc: 18.0%, 10.7 standard drinks (750ml)

    750ml Bottle $42.00
    Magnum 1.5L $84.00
    375ml Bottle $21.00

    Price $42.00 $42.00   750ml Bottle