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    Christmas Table Six Pack

    We've chosen the best wines to match a festive feast and please the crowd. The Sparkling Tempranillo ($38) goes with Christmas Turkey as the cherry notes and soft tannins complement traditional cranberry sauce so well. Our Chardonnay ($24) is wonderfully balanced and fantastic with canapés or roast chicken. The Moodemere Shiraz ($24) is full of juicy fruits and mouth-filling tannins and is good to try before our Reserve Durif ($38), one of our most full-bodied wines. Finish the day with our Rutherglen Muscat ($25) matched with pudding and our 2006 Vintage Fortified ($90), one of Chris Killeen's very best years, goes wonderfully with a cheese platter (try strong blue cheese or crumbly cheddar). The Rutherglen Muscat will last for several weeks once opened but the Vintage Fortified needs to be enjoyed within 3 days. We wish you a wonderful Christmas.

    RRP for Christmas Day Pack: $239.00
    Special Offer Price: $230.00 (cellar door and Friends of S&K)
    Silver Membership: $207.00 (two packs a year/10% discount)
    Gold Membership: $201.25 (three packs a year/12.5% discount)
    Platinum Membership: $195.50 (four packs a year/15% discount)

    2x 2017 Sparkling Tempranillo  750ml
    2x 2017 Chardonnay 750ml
    1x 2017 Moodemere Shiraz 750ml
    1x 2017 Reserve Durif 750ml
    1x 2006 Vintage Fortified  750ml
    1x NV Rutherglen Muscat  500ml

    Price $239.00 $230.00   Pack