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    Grand Rutherglen Muscat

    Luscious and lingering, the Grand is one of our most awarded and sought-after wines. Patient maturation at our winery over generations has created a wine with superb balance and depth of flavour.

    Style A mature yet fresh style showing great depth and intensity
    Alcohol 18.5%
    Cellaring This wine has already been matured in barrels and no further ageing in the bottle is required
    Food Match Fig and treacle galette or chocolate coated strawberries
    Size 500ml

    The colour of molasses with aromas of toffee and dark chocolate. The palate has superb balance of wood aged ‘rancio’ characters with rich flavours of Christmas cake, coconut and almond.

    Wines are aged in a modified solera system with only small amounts of wine ‘drawn off’ per year.

    Price $105.00 $105.00   500ml Bottle