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    Fortified Selection

    SUMMER 2017/2018
    Our Fortified Selection includes six bottles of our estate grown bottle- and barrel-aged fortifieds. The 'NV' wines have been aged in our barrels and no further ageing will occur in the bottle but once opened, they can remain fresh for several weeks. The 'Vintage Fortified', alternatively, is bottle-aged and can mature for many years in the bottle but once opened, must be consumed within a few days just like a table wine. For detailed tasting notes, visit the product page via the link. As a member of our Quinta Club, you can select your desired pack and delivery frequency according to your tastes. Please see our Membership Page for more information. The final day to make any changes, or add to your order (which includes free freight) is Friday 8th of December. The packs will be then be posted the following week. The next shipment will be in March.

    RRP for the Fortified Selection: $176.00 
    Silver Membership: $158.40 (two packs a year/10% discount) 
    Gold Membership: $154.00 (three packs a year/12.5% discount) 
    Platinum Membership: $149.60 (four packs a year/15% discount)

    NV Rutherglen Ruby 500ml  
    NV Rutherglen Topaque 500ml
    NV Rutherglen Muscat 500ml  
    NV Classic Topaque 500ml 
    NV Classic Muscat 500ml $35.00
    2015 Vintage Fortified 750ml $40.00

    Price $176.00 $176.00   Pack