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    Enólogo Selection

    SUMMER 2019
    Our Enólogo Selection (Portuguese for 'Winemaker's Selection') includes a great range of wine styles. As a member of our Quinta Club, you can select your desired pack and delivery frequency according to your tastes. Please see our Membership Page for more information. The final day to make any changes, or add to your order (which includes free freight) is Friday 29th of November. Packs will be sent the following week. The next shipment will be in December.

    RRP for the Enólogo Selection: $165.00
    Silver Membership: $148.50 (two packs a year/10% discount)
    Gold Membership: $144.38 (three packs a year/12.5% discount)
    Platinum Membership: $140.25 (four packs a year/15% discount)

    2018 Alvarinho      $30.00
    2018 Rosé
    2018 Tempranillo   $24.00
    2018 Shiraz Durif    $24.00
    2018 Fortitude Durif  $50.00
    NV Rutherglen Muscat  $25.00

    Price $165.00 $165.00   Pack