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    Bulk Tawny

    A mature blend of Shiraz and our famous Portuguese varieties, this Tawny is a favourite for those who love a traditional style tawny port with some age. It has rich flavours of plums and subtle oak. Use this in your blend if you are looking for a ‘drink now’ style. Our Barrel Blend and Tawny are drier in style than the White Fortified, Topaque and Muscat and will suit people who like something with a little more savouriness and balanced spice.

    Please note that we can only sell bulk wine in lots of either 5L or 23L and the price includes either the 5L or 23L container. When you buy at least 23L, you save 0.50c per litre. If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to call us on (02) 6032 9457 or email us via website at 'Contact Us'.

    MINIMUM 5 LITRES incl. container: $75.00
    23 LITRES incl. container: $333.50


    Price $18.00 $18.00   per Litre