• 5L


    This is the smallest barrel in the range and will suit people with limited space. Another benefit of owning a 5L barrel is that the material will age quickly due to the minimal surface area, ensuring a more complex product in a shorter amount of time. However, it does mean regular maintenance as the wine can evaporate much faster than a larger barrel (a process we call the ‘Angel’s Share’ which gives fortified wines its luscious flavours).

    We recommend a 20-35% turnover rate per year for all of our barrels (depending on your preferred style), and for our smallest barrel, that means consuming and topping up at least 1-2 litres per year. If you think you would drink more fortified wine than this, we recommend a larger barrel. If you like a young, fresh style of fortified, and you would drink 5 litres within six to twelve months, a regular refilling of your barrel would also be an excellent option.

    As part of our Barrel Club, you will receive our Quinta Quarterly newsletter, which is a great reminder to check the levels of your barrel and place an order if you need to.

    *Please note that all barrels are carefully seasoned for several months at the winery to ensure they will not add excess oak to your fortified wines. Because of this there are times when we have no barrels currently available. We suggest you call or email us to discuss the various barrel options available.

    Front Diameter: 220mm
    Length: 325mm
    Height: 290mm
    Width: 250mm
    Weight (empty): 5.8kg

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