• 20L


    This is the best size if you want to create a long-term, complex blend as the larger volume means you can consume 5-7 litres a year whilst still developing your unique style of fortified wine. With a recommended turnover rate of 20-35% per year, a larger-sized barrel with enable you to have steady control of how your unique blend matures, albeit at a slower rate than the smaller barrels. This is because you are keeping your original material in the blend, which over many years will form the oldest and most complex component of your fortified wine.

    Occasionally, we will release some special single vintage fortified wine or very old blends that can add a wonderful and luscious kick to the flavour of your wine. As part of our Barrel Club, you will have exclusive access to our winemaker who can analyse your blend on a yearly basis to help you keep track of its development and ensure the ‘levels’ stay fresh and balanced - such as the acidity, pH, sugar, sulphur levels etc.

    *Please note that all barrels are carefully seasoned for several months at the winery to ensure they will not add excess oak to your fortified wines. Because of this there are times when we have no barrels currently available. We suggest you call or email us to discuss the various barrel options available.

    Front Diameter: 290mm
    Length: 460mm
    Height: 380mm
    Width: 330mm
    Weight (empty): 11.2kg

    Liquid Luxury Packages

    We've made it easy for you to start your own unique blend at home. Learn about our Liquid Luxury Packages here.

    Price $450.00 $450.00   per Barrel