• 15L


    A very popular size due to its ability to age material at a fast rate and also hold more volume of wine ensuring a reliable supply with less refills throughout the year compared to a smaller barrel. This size means you can consume between 3-5 litres a year, which will also keep the base material ageing at a good pace, and topping up with fresh material will ensure a balanced wine. Of course, you can enjoy all 15 litres over the year, and refill with our premium range, which gives instant age.

    If you regularly travel or live in a hot and humid climate, we advise larger-sized barrels due to the fact that it won’t evaporate (the “Angel’s Share”) as fast. Some customers have forgotten about their barrel and 6-12 months later discover that they only have a 1 litre left! It then takes time to get the blend going again. Whilst there is a certain level of ‘set and forget’ we always advise our Barrel Club customers to check their barrel every month so you can see how fast your blend is developing in your particular location.

    Please note that all barrels are carefully seasoned for several months at the winery to ensure they will not add excess oak to your fortified wines. Because of this there are times when we have no barrels currently available. We suggest you call or email us to discuss the various barrel options available.

    Front Diameter: 270mm
    Length: 420mm
    Height: 340mm
    Width: 290mm
    Weight (empty): 9.6kg

    Liquid Luxury Packages

    We've made it easy for you to start your own unique blend at home. Learn about our Liquid Luxury Packages here.

    Price $400.00 $400.00   per Barrel