• 10L


    If you find the 5L barrel is too small but the 15L and 20L barrels too big, the 10L could be your perfect size. We recommend drawing off roughly 2-4 litres a year if you want to maintain some complex, older material whilst also adding freshness with your top ups.

    If you like a very bright and fresh style, we recommend buying our standard bulk fortifieds at $15/L, although if you want an instant addition of aged material, the premium range at $18/L gives you a head start.

    Please note that our bulk material is different to our bottled Rutherglen, Classic, Grand and Rare classifications. We produce the bulk fortified material as a base style which means you can age the wine to your preferred style. With a smaller barrel, this happens faster but with a larger barrel, you can get a more complex product due to the larger volume and the reduced chance that you will draw off all your material within the year. If you are unsure about which size is best for you, please give us a call on (02) 6032 9457.

    *Please note that all barrels are carefully seasoned for several months at the winery to ensure they will not add excess oak to your fortified wines. Because of this there are times when we have no barrels currently available. We suggest you call or email us to discuss the various barrel options available.

    Front Diameter: 250mm
    Length: 390mm
    Height: 324mm
    Width: 255mm
    Weight (empty): 8.3kg

    Liquid Luxury Packages

    We've made it easy for you to start your own unique blend at home. Learn about our Liquid Luxury Packages here.

    Price $350.00 $350.00   per Barrel