Wendy Killeen

Chief Executive

Wendy Killeen returned to the family business in 2011, bringing with her boundless energy and enthusiasm.  She is joined by her daughter Natasha and together they have set about building on the strengths of the business with a keen eye on efficiency and excellence. Living back in Rutherglen after a ten year absence has been a sheer delight for Wendy.  “I grew up on the land and have always adored great open spaces, seasonal colours and the serenity that comes with it”,  she says.  Her favourite time of year is autumn, after vintage when the vines are changing colour and the air is crisp and clear.  Leading a fast paced life, managing the 200 tonne crush wine business and overseeing the families agriculture pursuit keeps her fit and lively.   A favourite past time is entertaining great friends and the door is always open for new friends.

Returning to my former home and family wine business after an absence of many years has certainly been challenging but significantly important to me and my family. It’s an exciting time for us and we make sure every minute counts. I grew up on a farm and returning to life in the country has enabled me to delight in the kaleidoscope of sights, smells and colour you find on the land. I lived in Albury for quite a few years and rarely saw a sunset. Now I watch the sun set every day from my back garden overlooking paddocks and vineyards.

Wendy Killeen - Chief Executive