Natasha Killeen

Marketing & Communications Manager

Growing up, the winery was a favourite playing ground for Natasha and their friends, with endless amounts of concrete to roller blade on and myriad places to hide. Years later, the vineyard and farm was a great place to work during Natasha's gap year, learning to embrace hot summers and cold winters outside. An outdoor adventure enthusiast, she believes the seasonal North East Victorian weather brings rhythm and structure to the year. Natasha completed her undergraduate studies in international relations, politics and languages at the Australian National University in Canberra in 2012 and has since commenced a Master of Wine Business through the University of Adelaide studying externally. Natasha is also studying Certificate IV in Design through The Graphic Design School. She spends equal amounts of time between Rutherglen and her home in Canberra with her husband, Greg, who is regularly roped into helping out at festivals, trade shows, events and dinners. They both enjoy promoting the unique style and flavours of Rutherglen fortifieds, especially to Gen Y of whom many are discovering this wine style for the first time. 

Sometimes in cellar door, I am reminded of the power of wine in nurturing long lasting memories and connections. We still get people coming in saying that they remember being here 35 years ago when fourth generation Jack Stanton was serving wine out of a tin shed surrounded by cats. It's a pleasure to be able to work in a family business that, at its core, is about producing a product that brings people together over generations.

Natasha Killeen - Marketing & Communications Manager