Wine is best consumed with food and it can also make a fabulous addition to many recipes!

Molten Muscat Puds

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Muscat and chocolate have always been a perfect match, as are Topaque and caramel/honey flavoured desserts. These puddings are heart-stoppingly rich and are sure to impress with the molten flow of muscaty berry jam once cracked. Continue reading...

Jenny's Best Ever Fruit Cake

Monday, December 16, 2013

To celebrate Christmas, my Aunty Jen has kindly allowed us to publish her carefully guarded Christmas cake recipe. Many people put brandy or rum in their recipe, and perhaps I am preaching to the converted, but the winning ingredient is Muscat. In fact, most Christmas recipes can incorporate our wonderful fortifieds from Topaque poached pears to luscious syrups for cherries and roasted nut toffee. The Tawny and White Fortified styles also should never be overlooked when cooking, as they impart delicious rich celebratory flavours.

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