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Winter Quinta Quarterly

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Did you know that by 2020, the word tokay will disappear from Australian wine labels, websites and all marketing material? We won’t even be able to write that Topaque was “previously known as Tokay”. It is already the case for 11 sensitive GIs (Geographical Indicators) that Australian winemakers once used to describe their wine styles, including Port, Sherry, Champagne and Burgundy.

This is because the European Union has an agreement with Australia (and many other countries) not to use over 2500 protected GIs to describe products not from those places or regions. I agree with these protections- it would be similar to overseas wineries calling their fortifieds 'Rutherglen Muscat' even though they aren't from this region. It causes confusion for the customer and could potentially damage our reputation as a region.

It’s true that nowhere else in the world makes Muscats and Topaques quite like we do in Rutherglen. It’s a combination of our climate, soil, century-old oak, generational winemaking skills and the special wine characteristics only found in this region. Terroir, if you will, although the French don’t like us using this word either.

Whilst we have now had 10 years of the word Topaque on our labels, we still find the need sometimes to explain what this wine is and why people can’t find a ‘Tokay’ in their local bottle store. Perhaps you've seen it labelled by its grape variety, Muscadelle? Change like this takes time, and we will continue to promote this fantastic wine style. So if you know people who enjoy Australian fortifieds, please share this information with them.

We also have a couple more changes to our products and prices mentioned on the back page. However, one of the most exciting changes for us in 2018, is that my husband, Greg, and I welcomed our first child, George Douglas, into the world on March 28. Who knows, perhaps one day could be the 8th generation? Cheers, Natasha Killeen

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Recently, the wine tax system in Australia was changed and one unfortunate side effect is that we can no longer sell the bulk fortifieds in containers greater than 5L. We know many of you find the 23L containers to be good value, therefore we are offering all our customers the chance for one last big bulk buy of these containers. We can accept orders until June 23, as they have to be invoiced and shipped prior to July 1. Our bulk Tawny will be increasing in price to $18/L as we are now classifying this more developed style as 'premium' due to the older age compared to the Barrel Blend (still at $15/L). More information here.

WINERY WALKABOUT: 9th & 10th June. 

Dust off your favourite wig or Disney character costume as regional Victoria's biggest wine festival is fast approaching. We've planned a jam-packed line up of wine, food, music and entertainment at S&K so buy your tickets soon so you don't miss out. With a fun and friendly party vibe, the Rutherglen Winery Walkabout a great way to warm up this winter. Tickets and bus registrations are now on sale here.

TASTES OF TWO REGIONS: 11th & 12th August. 

Producers from the King Valley and Rutherglen travel to the ACT for a weekend packed with great food and wine. Meet the faces of the NE region at several events including lunch, dinner and an all-day festival at Pialligo Estate on Sunday 12th. Visit the event website here.

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