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Vintage 2016 Natasha's Report

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

When the opportunity arose for me to work vintage at Stanton & Killeen for 2016, I accepted it with a sense of curiosity and trepidation. My memories tell me that vintage was always a mysterious time, when Dad would disappear for days and nights and return with dark shadows under his eyes and a generous 5 o’clock shadow. Would I be able to deal with the physical challenge? Would I accidentally pump red wine into white wine? Continue reading...

Vintage 2016 Winemaker's Report

Friday, May 27, 2016

It was an early start to vintage, picking Chardonnay the day before Australia Day, but we had expected it so we were (sort of) ready for it. The next cab off the rank was the muscat for Moscato and Sparkling Muscat Blanc – this must be a bit of a winemaking record; we picked on the 4th February and bottled on the 9th of March! As is usual for vintage, it was days of frenetic activity as this early fruit came in, followed by a bit of a “phony vintage” lull, and then it all kicked off again. Continue reading...

Vintage 2016 Vineyard Report

Friday, May 27, 2016

The journey to harvest in 2016 proved to be a bumpy ride. Winter and spring of 2015 were both warmer than usual, with October and November giving us unusual temperature spikes 6°C above average.  Whilst many people were delighted with an early start to summer (we at least were pleased about the lack of frosts in September and October), our vineyards experienced very early flowering patterns as a result of the warmer weather.  Continue reading...