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Portuguese Trio Museum Release

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

When we released our Portuguese Trio in 2013, it was one of the first occasions that S&K had produced table wines using our extensive selection of Iberian grape varieties traditionally used for our Vintage Fortifieds (another occasion being The Prince Reserva blend of '08, '09 and '13). After their first popular release, we stashed away the remaining cases in our museum only to be used for special releases such as dinners, anniversaries and by request.

Awards & Reviews:

With a recent string of accolades for our 2012 Tempranillo*, we are excited to announce a limited museum release of the trio to celebrate the "Temp's" success which include:

  • 96 points from James Halliday and a ripping review. Read more.

  • 2015 Winewise Championship Results: Grand Final Winner of 'Other Red Varietals'.

  • 2014 Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show: Gold Medal

Each wine is a superb representation of the variety's unique characteristics which, when blended, create our award winning Vintage Fortifieds. The Touriga Nacional is highly aromatic and flavoursome, the Souzão is rich and chocolaty and the Tempranillo is complex and fresh fruit flavours.

The single price for each is $58.00 but for a limited time only you can collect the trio for $150.00. Alternatively, you can receive them when you buy our Special Offer 'Premium Pack' for $250 which also includes 2013 Durif, 2013 The Prince and a Classic Topaque. All three wines will reward patient and careful cellaring. To read more about these wines or special offers, click below:

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*Tempranillo is in fact the Spanish name for this variety and the Portuguese name is Tinta Roriz. Tempranillo is currently one of the most popular 'alternative' varieties in Australia and thus why we chose to use this title, to assist our customers with varietal recognition.