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November Newsletter - Latest Releases

Friday, November 15, 2013

How many interesting ‘six degrees of separation’ stories do you have hidden away; perhaps some forgotten, some retold regularly? I have shared one such story with you on the back page. In the food and wine industry there are many times where one is brought together with strangers, often due to the inclusive nature of sharing and enjoying great food and wine.

November is the month when we release the new vintage of our iconic Vintage Fortified. To me, this wine is the greatest representation of the power wine has to connect people as it gets conversations started and memories flowing. Over the festive season, we open a selection of very old vintages to taste in cellar door and I love it when people pick up an ’83 and say “my goodness, where have 30 years gone? I swear 1983 was just yesterday!” Perhaps we should leave some of the questionable hairdos and shoulder pads back in that decade but isn’t it amazing to be able to drink something that is a direct link to a particular year? A tangible symbol of the growing season and hard work in the winery from that vintage.

Coming Soon

We are very excited to announce that S&K will soon release the 2012 Jack’s Block Shiraz; after a 5 year hiatus. Cellar Club members will receive a bottle in their March 2014 cellar pack and will then be the first to have the opportunity to order this special wine. A limited, general release will follow at Winery Walkabout in June. We have exciting times ahead of us at Stanton and Killeen with a few more surprises up our sleeves for our dedicated and loyal customers.