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James Halliday 2016 Ratings Success

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Many moons ago when I was 16 and staying with a friend in Melbourne, I was invited to a dinner party where the host was apparently "a huge wine buff". I wasn't terribly interested in wine at the time, but then again, not many 16 year old girls are. So when he proceeded to quiz me about my family's winery-of which he had never heard about and behaved as if it musn't be any good as surely he would know about it- he pulled out his dog-eared James Halliday book and skimmed the pages for 'Stanton and Killeen Wines'. I stifled a smile when 'the wine buff' was taken aback by Dad's excellent scores and acclaim for his wines, especially Jack's Block Shiraz and his ports. 

James Halliday AM, is arguably Australia's most preeminent authority on wine and is a world renowned wine critic, judge and author.  The results for the 2016 Halliday Wine Companion have been released and Stanton & Killeen are proud to announce that once again we have been awarded Five Red Stars and some impressive scores for individual wines. 

Fortified Wines

  • Rare Topaque: 97 points
  • Rare Muscat: 97 points

  • Grand Topaque: 96 points
  • Grand Muscat: 96 points

  • Classic Tawny: 94 points
  • Classic Topaque: 95 points
  • Classic Muscat: 95 points

  • Rutherglen Topaque: 93 points
  • Rutherglen Muscat: 93 points

Red Table Wines

  • 2012 Tempranillo: 96 points
  • 2012 Touriga Nacional: 96 points
  • 2012 Souzo: 95 points

  • 2013 Shiraz Durif: 92 points
  • 2013 Moodemere Shiraz: 94 points
  • 2013 The Prince Reserva: 94 points

Special Offers

To celebrate, we are offering a one-week-only special offer on 6 or 12 bottles of Moodemere Shiraz or Shiraz Durif. Our "Moody" has big and bold juicy Rutherglen fruit and has been walking out the cellar door. Planted by Grandpa, Norman Killeen, in 1968 it has been a mainstay on our wine list. Last week, we opened a 1985 Moodemere Shiraz at a staff tasting and were amazed by the longevity of the fruit. The Shiraz Durif is almost a 50/50 blend and one of our most popular styles with a rich palate and a long finish.

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Enjoy with a rosemary and macadamia encrusted lamb roast or perhaps stash a few bottles in the cellar, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Cheers, Natasha Killeen