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Introducing Liquid Luxury

Thursday, November 10, 2016

There's something very rewarding about maturing your own fortified blend at home and our new Liquid Luxury packages allow you to do just that. Sign up to our Barrel Club, select your preferred Liquid Luxury package and you’ll receive the base wine carefully selected from our cellar plus your own small, Australian-made barrel to begin the blending and maturation process. Throw in access to your very own Barrel Concierge and you’ve got everything you need to create your own batch of Liquid Luxury at home.

Introducing Liquid Luxury

Stanton & Killeen have been making luscious fortified wines since 1875, producing some of the finest Rutherglen Muscat and Topaque in the world. Our new Liquid Luxury packages are designed to give fortified lovers the chance develop their own beautiful blends at home, drawing on our 140 plus years of experience.   

Become a Stanton & Killeen Barrel Club member and sign up for one of our Liquid Luxury packages to receive unparalleled support through our Barrel Concierge, access to premium quality wine parcels and your own hand-crafted Australian barrel. You choose your preferred barrel size, fill it with your favourite fortifieds , then let us help you develop and maintain your blend over the years. 

There’s a range of fortified wines to choose from including Muscat, Topaque, White Fortified, Tawny and Barrel Blend across two average ages as well as four different barrel products. With appropriate care, your personal barrel will last a lifetime allowing you to develop your own unique fortified blends at home for years to come. Click here for more information on the individual barrels and bulk fortified wines available.

Let us be your concierge

A key feature of the Barrel Club’s Liquid Luxury packages is unlimited access to your own Barrel Concierge. Our Cellar Door and barrel expert Joe Duncan is on hand to answer questions and offer advice on maturing your blend. All Liquid Luxury packages include access to our winemaker Andrew Drumm who can offer a blend analysis and advice to ensure your personal blend is the best it can be. 

Join the club

To join the Barrel Club and start your lifelong journey of developing your own fortified blend, contact the winery on 02 6032 9457 to discuss which Liquid Luxury package suits you.

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