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changes to bulk fortified pricing

Monday, June 04, 2018

Changes to the wine tax system come into effect on July 1st, requiring changes to the way we sell bulk fortified. Also, after reviewing the ages of our bulk fortifieds, we will be raising the price of the bulk Tawny. 

changes to 23L containers

Many of you have fortified barrels, some of which are decades old, some much younger. We are proud to assist you with these barrels through annual barrel check-ups and by providing batches of our fortified wines specially designed for barrel ageing at home. 

Recently, the wine tax system in Australia was changed to ensure small winery rebates could only be claimed by genuine small producers such as ourselves, and we are in full support of these amendments. 

One unfortunate side effect is that we can no longer sell the bulk fortifieds in containers greater than 5L. We know many of you find the 23L containers to be good value, therefore we are offering all our customers the chance for one last big bulk buy of these containers. 

We can accept orders until 23 June, as they have to be invoiced and shipped prior to 1 July – you can either order online, or give us a call to discuss what your barrel needs.

changes to bulk tawny

The bulk Tawny is already aged and thus, it is an excellent choice for those who wish to enjoy more developed material. Alternatively, the Barrel Blend maintains the freshness of personal blends that are already aged and just need topping up. 

As a result, we have been changing the blends of these two wines. The more mature style and age of the Tawny means we have reclassified it under the premium range, bringing the price up to $18/L. However, we recognise that many of you have been buying the tawny for some time, so we are maintaining the price until 1 July - time to stock up on 23L of Tawny, perhaps?