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A New look for Stanton & Killeen Wines

Friday, November 01, 2013

We are very excited to announce that John Jewell Design of Albury has rejuvenated our labels and website to better represent our company. The new branding uses elements of our heritage and tradition with a contemporary touch.

The brief was to create a range of labels that reflected a sense of place and touched on our long history. Many loyal customers will remember the labels from 70s and 80s which were white with the tasting note printed on the front and the variety in red. A sense of place comes from using a colour palate reflective of the winery itself, using white from our big sturdy shed, black from the Stanton and Killeen sign and gun metal grey from the rustic corrugated iron used on the building and roof. A dash of red comes from the iconic and weathered ‘Stanton and Killeen Wines’ painted on the side of the shed in the 1920s when fourth generation Jack Stanton built the winery. And of course gold is used throughout as it always has been.

From our Icon range through to our Limited Release, Premium and Everyday range, Stanton and Killeen provide a variety of wines and styles to suit all tastes. Our new website provides easy to navigate pages with plenty of information about the wines, who we are and an opportunity to connect with each other. If you are a Vintage Fortified fan, we encourage you to post comments about the vintage you have tried to share with fellow port lovers who may be wondering when is the best time to crack open one of these superb wines.

Change can sometimes be resisted or delayed but we think that a fresh new look is perfect considering that we will be celebrating 140 years in the same family in 2015.